The Queers

Jan 25, 1986

Bobby Goodreau was the lead singer for the Queers before Joe King took over and Joe is still at it to this day last I heard. The first time I saw Bobby was at Johnny D’s in Allston, not to be confused with Johnny D’s in Davis Square. This place was an old dive bar with boxing photos and a mixed clientele, to say the least. If memory serves me right Bobby was swinging from a chandelier singing the infamous Queers anthem “This Place Sucks”. It was amazing.

Bobby went on to play with the 8 Balls (4 guys in a band, get it?). I have a recording of him covering Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting by Sir Elton. Couldn’t beat Bobby’s attitude and energy – those were the days.

This photo was taken around 1986 at Chet’s Last Call in Boston which was a bar on Causeway Street across from the Boston Garden. Chet’s didn’t have a liquor license so they sponged it off of the Penalty Box which was another bar right below. You can see the letters behind Bobby saying “Chets”.

Chet’s was a true underground hole in the wall. Jack Stevenson put on many a film night there showing films by Bunuel, Kenneth Anger, and other notables. The photo was used for promoting Queers shows as well as movie nights put on by Jack.