Body Surfing

Dec 15, 2014

These photos are from a concert in a no-name warehouse in Williamsburg Brooklyn a few years back. I hadn’t been to a punk rock show in 25 years or so and it was odd to see a whole new generation of kids and musicians playing this type of music. It was a good show – high energy and positive – can’t remember the band’s name but I think they were a Japanese-based band.

These two photos are of band members body surfing – great to see everyone holding them up. The over-exposed top half is when a flash from another camera fires during the exposure. It’s an interesting effect – powerful contrast and rare to have an aberration like this with digital cameras. With analog, there were aberrations regular from under/overexposure, chemistry issues, printing issues, fog filmed – all sorts of exposure and development issues. With digital, there is much less room for failures since there is no chemistry, limited exposure settings – basically a fail-safe to capture an image.

With that in mind, I like this effect all the more especially since it was generated by a large number of enthusiastic people all fire flash camera phones at once. It goes with the subject matter, none the less it’s still an error with cameras that are hard to produce errors with.

Anyways a great show – glad to see punk rock living on in such a positive way.