Sep 3, 2018

There’s a train yard in Queens next to the Billie Jean King Tennis Center. Looks like mostly subway trains but I’m not sure – could be commuter rail as well. You can take the subway to the US Open and the station is right next to the train yard.

Queens is an interesting city that I know little about except – it’s home to the US Open, it’s supposedly the most diverse city in the world, it’s becoming popular and more gentrified, and it’s where Trump is from. I think to understand Trump you have to understand Queens, a tall order. I like to think if he didn’t become the real estate guy he became he’d be one of those guys on the street corner with a jacket filled with watches trying to sell you a fake watch, you know one of those classic New Yorker types.

Anyways the train yard is impressive – the pattern and reflective light off the steel, not only graphic and modernist but also the gritty essence and industrial faceless massiveness of New York.