Glass Window Bridge

Dec 30, 2018

Located on the north end of Eleuthera, Glass Window Bridge is referred to as where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean. The water to the east is a dark blue from the Atlantic and to the west a light blue of the Caribbean.

This bridge is also called the ‘narrowest place on earth’ and since the slight channel is unprotected by reefs and exposed to the Atlantic, rogue waves can sometimes shoot up to 100′ as they funnel through the gorge under the bridge even during calm weather making for a precarious tourist stop indeed.

This photo was taken en route back from the island of Spanish Wells after a day of no luck fishing and swimming with pigs. A fun day exploring the very interesting island of Spanish Wells and North Eleuthera.

I feel lucky to have captured the expression of this young fashionable lad who I just happened to see while briefly walking around. His gesture is fitting for a place that splits two oceans as if he is asking a profound yet silent question.