Jul 20, 2019

This is a little fresh raspberries from the garden and yogurt with a couple of fresh mint leaves from the garden too. The Cousins Community garden has a raspberry co-op where people chip in with weeding, pruning, and fertilizing as well as other tasks. It’s a productive crop compared to the blueberries nearby that are more finicky and don’t produce a lot. These raspberries produce 2 crops one in early summer and another late summer. Very tasty though they do get infected with drosophila and it’s hard to even see that’s happened. Better to not even think about it and enjoy the tasty fruit!

These raspberries are mixed with a Bulgarian-styled yogurt called White Mountain I buy at Debra’s Natural Gourmet. It’s not sweet at all, more like a Greek Style yogurt but don’t say that to someone from Bulgaria!

Mint as most people know is native to this area though there are quite a few different varieties. It’s an amazing plant – fragrant and tough – springs up early in the season and stays good late into fall. It’s not used as often as it should in food, though Indian food uses it a lot. I mostly use it in a drink of freshly squeezed lemon, seltzer water, and maple syrup.