Tamoman 30

May 11, 2022

‘Twas Tamoman 30 this year – thirty years of brotherhood and kinship spawned over the decades. I went up a few days early for some solo cabin life. Was quite nice, a cool spring with mist and rain and days of sunshine. Here are a few pics.

The first morning there was a newt on the road. It was quite docile so I picked it up and put it on moss for a photo – more about Newts “though they may look cute and harmless, they can be dangerous; toxins secreted through the skin as a defense mechanism could kill a person”

A theme for this year was time passing. Here are the rings of a tree stump with an interesting dark patina, almost like the night sky.

The first few nights were peaceful, with no electronics just a book and occasional incense.

An apple tree I’ve always wanted to photograph on the way up Mountain road.

Tk designed an awesome Tamo 30 t-shirt. Here’s the crew front and back showing it off.